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How to Restore Headlight Lenses

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3M Company

3M has several videos on topics such as dry sanding, masking techniques, the PPS disposable gun cup system, headlight lens restoration, the Sun Gun color checking light, paint finishing, plastic repair and pinstriping.

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Also view the new Dynamic Mixing System for applying body filler.


Quantum 1 is the absolute best body filler out there today.  The science of how body filler is made and mixed has completely changed.  Traditional polyester fillers are mixed with a cream hardener at 2% by weight or 50:1 by volume.  This unique epoxy/polyester low-shrinkage formula comes in two styles: small panel (more self-leveling) and large panel (more sag-resistant).  The small panel formula is packaged in smaller containers: special caulking style tubes or in pouches.  The large panel formula comes in 1/2 gals., gallons or 3 gal. pails.  It is mixed in an easier 10:1 ratio (don’t use other hardeners) and is available with either a cold or hot weather cream hardener….so when ordering Quantum 1, make sure to order the hardener too!  It sands so easy and is so pinhole-free that you won’t even need to buy glazing putty!  The only drawback is getting over the guilt: adding that much cream hardener just feels wrong - but the results are very right.