What’s so great about education?

“Gunder’s Auto Center would like to personally thank Ben’s Paint Supply & PPG for inviting Ray Gunder to an amazing, informative, eye opening, management seminar yesterday in Daytona Beach.  If you want to get motivated and excited about our industry, do not miss this motivational training seminar if any dates in the future are available.  Both Ben’s Paint Supply and PPG are companies that have our best interest in mind. Thank you Ben’s Paint Supply and PPG!”

- Ray Gunder, owner, Gunder’s Auto Center…..referring to the “Leadership and Leading Change” workshop, Oct. 8, 2009, Daytona
Beach Meeting Room

There is no better value for money spent than that which you use for education.  Training opens the doors to solve problems that have been costing you money and also enlightens you to new possibilties for making more.

You may have thought you were in business to fix cars, but the real reason is to generate cash for yourself and others around you – your family and employees.  Repairing vehicles is just the method you have chosen to do the same thing that all successful businesses do – make a profit.

The better you manage your money, the more stable you become.  This allows you to pay your workers better, creating a more cohesive bond of loyalty with them and decreasing turnover.  It allows you to pay vendors on time, invest in shop improvements, increase employee benefits and set aside something for retirement.

This is so important that we dedicated a separate section of FAQ’s just for Collision Center business education.  We certainly don’t know everything and if you have something you would like to share, please e-mail Bob at bstahmann@bensps.com.

Business FAQ’s and Tips:

I don’t have any time during the day and I don’t have time to travel.  Where can I find some good online business training courses?
Of course, you can Google your specific needs, but one of the best ways is one we are a little partial to.  It’s called Ben’s Online University.  This site gives you access to some 4,000 plus business courses, from Microsoft training to website design to management training.  Just one course is $99 – pretty reasonable – but if you buy them in bulk, you can get it down to only $18.75 per course!!! (courses purchased in lots of 20).  And there’s no time limit to complete them.  You can go back into each one and move ahead as quickly or slowly as time allows you to do so.  Take some time and browse the library of course offerings.

What is “cycle time” and how do I know what mine is?
Read an article about Little’s Law and other methods of gauging cycle time.

What does “throughput” mean?
Throughput management is a means by which you can improve cycle time.  Read an article on the subject.

How do I calculate my closing rate?
It takes a little time to gather data, but basically it’s pretty simple.  Take a look at the formula on this brochure.

Sometimes I see the word “ParaKaisen” associated with PPG’s MVP courses.  What does that mean?
It’s a made-up word, but there is meaning behind it.  A full explanation is on the MVP website.