Accidents. They happen. Like hospitals, what is unfortunate for others is business for us. Only in our industry, we prefer that no one gets hurt, just the sheet metal and some other parts.

Welcome to the Automotive & Collision Industry home page of Ben’s Paint Supply. As a company, we are committed to the success and profitability of our customers. We will be there to help as much as it is within our power to do so, with quality products, service and educational resources.

The 21st century brings new challenges to the Collision Industry. Insurance companies are pressured as local service begins to give way to online purchasing. Demands for speed of the repair process without sacrificing quality are growing. As most of your business comes from insurance claims, they are looking for shops that can fill their needs. As if that wasn’t enough, the accident rate nationally is down and the economy is far from booming. The industry has plenty of space for the work, but not enough work to put in it. Predictors have indicated that in the future there will be fewer and larger shops.

The future is now.

Ben’s Paint Supply is an award-winning PPG Platinum distributor. That means we have the full resources of PPG in terms of paint lines, representative service and both paint and business schools. Popular coatings such as Deltron, Global, Nexa, Shopline, Defleet, Essential, Concept, Envirobase, and the wild Vibrance collection all work together to form a complete offering of color and performance to meet the needs of your shop.

Ben’s Paint Supply began prinicipally as a supplier of collision shops and that market remains our largest to date.  So it also follows that our selection of products for the collision industry is the deepest.  Listed by category below are the main product types that we sell.  For more detailed product information, price, availability and delivery or shipping options, call the Ben’s location nearest you.  We’ll be glad to help!