Welcome to the Equipment Board, a posting service for Ben’s customers who wish to sell or acquire used equipment, such as frame racks, pulling posts, welders, spray booths, tools, air compressors, etc.  Ben’s Paint Supply offers this service strictly as a communication medium between clients and makes no claims or guarantees about the relative quality or correct value of the equipment, the shipping costs involved, nor whether the items involved are 100% complete or in good working order.  Any statements made within a given listing are purely the comments of the shop or individual posting it.  The transactions resulting from contacts made on this site will occur only between the parties involved and will exclude Ben’s Paint Supply.

If you wish to post items here, you must be a customer within the general market area of our stores.  All ads will be qualified for suitability before posting.  Vendors and manufacturers cannot list here.  Please send your name (or shop name), e-mail address, phone number and a write-up or attachment of the announcement to Charlie Parker at cparker@bensps.com.  If you are selling, include as much information as you desire as to the type of equipment, model number, age, condition, price and anything else you wish to say about it.  If you are looking to purchase equipment, include all desired contact information such as name, address, shop phone, cell phone or e-mail address.  All listings will be posted for 90 days, unless other arrangements are made.

So whatever you would like to move out, or if you need something at a bargain, give this space a try.  Hopefully you can connect and make that win-win deal.  If you are looking to buy and can’t find it here, give us a shot at new equipment.  Call your nearest Ben’s location.  Whatever your choice, good luck!!

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