Ben’s Paint Supply offers a number of services for professionals:

Local delivery

  • Delivery to your door if you are in the local delivery area.  Check out the Locations tab on the left.
  • Each store description will show the counties serviced by that location.
  • There is no charge for delivery, but there may be a fuel surcharge which fluctuates with the current price of gasoline.
  • In town orders are usually delivered as soon as the order can be completed accurately and a driver becomes available.  Deliveries to outlying areas are usually scheduled in advance and occur no more often than daily.
  • Some stores will contract a local courier service, but again at no cost to you.
  • If you have an emergency, give us a call to see if we can work something out together.

Tech support

  • On site service from outside sale personnel in our market areas
  • Telephone support of our counter sales staff
  • Tech support lines for PPG and other companies
  • Mfg. reps can come to your site when more critical situations arise


  • Use the various Training pages on the website to find tech, class or school information.
  • Click on Training on the left and select from the drop-down menu, or click on an industry in the center of the home page and then the Training tab you find there.
  • Ben’s Online University!  Access to literally thousands of fee-based online courses for professionals.Choose from Human Resource issues to computer software training to website development courses, and much more.  Buy a package deal and drastically lower the price.  A link to BOU can be found on each Training page.

Roll goods (not all stores, but can be transferred)

  • Fiberglass is sold by the foot or yard
  • Air and fluid hose sold by the foot plus hose ends

Spray equipment repair

  • Repairs available on brands we sell.  Allow 1 week lead time minimum unless something simple.
  • Spray guns and pressure pots are serviceable.
  • Titan airless equipment repairs done both in and out of warranty.  Presently only done at our Gainesville location.

Tool repair

  • Sent to third party repair station
  • Estimate is provided. If the estimate is refused, estimate charge and freight charges billed to us are passed on to the customer.  Tool is disposed of or returned disassembled, per customer’s choice.
  • No estimate charge if estimate is accepted, but freight charges to and from the repair station apply.


  • Spray booth sales and repair
  • Floor anchor installation (minimums are required)
  • Frame machines


  • Color blindness assessment is available free of charge in our market area.
  • Work space air quality testing is also available but it is fee-based due to equipment needs and lab fees.  Generally under $150 total.
  • A respirator fit test is available for the minimal expense of the test kit.
  • Spray booth air flow tests are free.

Job Board

  • Click here to go to a page where positions needing to be filled are posted.   Also post resumes and your own need for work if you are looking.  E-mail Charlie Parker with your request at

Equipment Board

  • Click here to go to a page where you might find bargains on used equipment that another shop or individual wants to sell.  Or maybe you have something you would like to post and turn into cash.  E-mail Charlie Parker at and he will help you out.

Custom Aerosols

  • We can package enamel, lacquer, acrylic enamel, vinyl and basecoat colors in spray cans, as long as it is paint that we sell.  Buy the paint and then we can fill as many aerosols as desired up to the capacity of the amount of paint purchased.  If buying touch-up paint for automotive use, remember that blending or adjusting pressure and reduction is not possible, so a slight color difference from panel to panel is normal.
  • Volume pricing available when purchased in case lots of 12.

Color Matching

  • Blendable matches are often achieved with the PPG Rapid Match portable color computer.
  • Variant Decks available to contracted collision shops – saves time finding a blendable match
  • Large selection of color chips to view.
  • Eye matching available if necessary.  However, generally creates a time delay as it is more art than science.
  • Color matching gelcoat is available.  Need sample larger than a quarter.  Minimum order one gallon.  Allow 7-10 days turnaround time.

Credit Application

  • Credit is available for approved customers with good credit history.  Download a faxable credit application.  Click here.

Other Services

  • Some Collision shops need floor anchors (“pots”) installed to secure pulling posts and anchor the chain.  We work with a subcontractor to make that installation available to our customers.  Concrete must be 4″ thick minimum and new concrete needs to have cured at least 30 days.   Depending on the shop location, a minimum quantity may be required.