When it comes to industrial coatings, there is perhaps a surprising variety of offerings available from Ben’s. To be sure, some of it is very unique and will require research and special ordering to make sure that you get the correct coating and quantity for the job. Our industrial sales rep, Dave Hina, stands ready to help you meet those needs, whether for manufacturing or refinishing.  PPG’s Commercial Performance Coatings group of products (we call it CPC) provides speed and economy where they are needed. Small industry recognized a desire for automotive grade quality but at industrial pricing. CPC fits the bill. Available in enamel, acrylic enamel, lacquer, and urethane, as well as a wide selection of corrosion resistant and filler primers, CPC is a very complete line to suit most every need.

Or maybe you need a system that is a little more specialized, such as  a “bullet-proof” industrial polyurethane like Amercoat.  If you want to prep the old paint or completely remove it, try ”green” technology Duraprep cleaners and paint strippers.  Check out the following links below to get a better picture of what Ben’s and PPG have to offer.

CPC Commercial Performance Coatings

Amercoat Hi-Performance Long term Industrial Coatings

PPG Government Solutions, Military and other applications

Duraprep Environmentally friendly cleaners and paint strippers