Dynabrade’s file belt sander has multiple uses, the most popular of which is actually spotweld removal.  Remove the top panel without going through the other side as you would with a spot weld cutter bit!  Also used for sanding tight areas, de-burring, rivet head removal, bolt head removal and many other functions.  In the past this type of tool was reaching upwards of $500-600.  Even this Dynabrade version lists for $376.00!  BUT, through a special volume buy, we can temporarily offer them at only $279.00!!  So if you liked this idea before but avoided it due to the price, now is the time!  Give us a call today!



Stealth 6950_60B

EH4000In a repeat of last summer’s promotion, RTI air filters are back!  Their superior design and extreme ease of filter element change makes them more than just a price bargain!   Most of the time elements don’t get changed because it’s such a time-consuming pain to do so.  But assuming you have inline shut-off valves on both sides of the filter, you can change out the RTI element without tools in less than 60 seconds!!  And like last year, there are free t-shirts involved, depending on what you buy.  Check out our sale flyer for discounts.


We are continuing last year’s Iwata promotion with a twist.  We are still offering three models at a discount, but have upped the ante from $100 to $125 off!  One of last year’s models, the Supernova Hybrid, is being discontinued by Iwata and replaced by the upgraded Entech model.


So carried over will be the popular Extreme model with the orange basecoat aircap, the WS400 High Efficiency clear coat gun, and the new Entech basecoat gun. Check out the flyer All guns are Rule 40 compliant and all fitted with 1.3mm nozzles, but the nozzle setup of your choice can be substituted if desired.  In some areas across Central Florida, a demo can be arranged.  NOTE:  All guns assume you are using a disposable cup system of your choice.  They are priced without cups.

Once again this is a limited supply at this pricing level, so jump on it while you can!  You’ll love the patterns on all these guns.


Titan logo

Ben’s Paint Supply has now added the Titan line of industrial paint application equipment to compliment a rapid increase in industrial paint sales.  Now we can offer airless, turbine HVLP, air-assisted airless and accessories for all the above.   Dozens of models are available at competitive prices.  In addition, we are certified to do warranty and post-warranty repairs, when necessary.  And check out our prices on tips and hose!

Titan 580-100AAs an introduction, we are offering a super discount on Titan airless guns (4-finger or 2-finger).   Only $109.00!…or if you get two, $99.00each!!   Each gun comes with tip guard and a 517 tip, but we’ll exchange it for the size of your choice if you need something different.

Get free shirts, tips and hats!  Register at the Titan Powerhouse website, watch the videos, take a quiz you can’t fail and you’ll get all sorts of free stuff!

Here’s a short video on their most popular unit, the Titan Impact 440 airless spray outfit.  Check out all the features that painter suggestion has inspired engineers to bring into real world usage: