Welcome to the Sign, Scenic and Theme home page for Ben’s Paint Supply. Folks in the industry know that if you are looking for the absolute best in color spec selection, ease of use and long term exterior durability, you choose Matthews. Preferred by Disney and other theme parks, Matthews is also the system of choice for signs. You will find it used on such famous brand names as Chili’s, Applebee’s, Taco Bell and Starbuck’s. Well-established firms like Holiday Inn, Chase bank, Circuit City, Target and Walgreen’s want signs that look as good as the day they were painted. They choose Matthews.

Matthews has formulas for all Pantone and most RAL colors, and has a match for almost every other brand out there. If a custom match is needed, that’s their specialty.  In addition to Gloss and Satin qualitites, Matthews has all your bases covered with Conventional, Low-VOC and Ultra-Low VOC versions.  Want to more about each one?  Check out the Matthews website for a description.  Even if your area doesn’t require it, pay particular attention to the new Ultra-Low VOC version for performance alone.  High-hiding, super UV resistance, flexibility and mar resistance are only a few of the qualities exhibited by this very hi-tech finish.

Not all of our stores mix Matthews on site, but all of them can get it within a day or two. You can reach our Matthews rep, Dave Hina at 321-246-4801, or e-mail him at dhina@bensps.com. He will be more than willing to visit and work out a system to suit the needs of your company and your customer.

Enjoy the craftsmanship of our customers…see images below.

In the shop:                                                                       An in-shop mixing system can save you time and money:

Installed at the Site: