If you own a fleet of vehicles that needs to meet a certain color spec, or if you paint trucks for a living, Ben’s Paint Supply has the paint you need. PPG’s Delfleet high-end polyurethane coating is available in 3 basecoat and 6 single stage qualities. Delfleet system coatings are durable, chemical & corrosion resistant, and resist runs on rivet heads. Various customer warranty programs are also available.

For economy without sacrificing quality, also consider Delfleet Essential single stage color.
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PPG’s Commercial Performance Coatings (CPC) is another line of utility coatings available for fleet and industrial use. Priced right, they can fill needs where long term durability is not required.

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Special pricing programs may be available for manufacturers.
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Delfleet comes in 3 basecoat systems with a variety of clearcoats available. FBC is a standard VOC* basecoat and reduces 2:1 with just a splash (5%) of catalyst. FBCH (3.5 VOC) is a fully activated 3:1:1 basecoat and FBCS is a faster dry version at 3:1. All Delfleet basecoats exhibit better filling properties than their automotive counterparts.

There are 6 single stage varieties. All have excellent gloss. FDG is a standard medium solids material at 5.O VOC’s; FDGH moves up to high solids and down to 3.5 VOC’s. For very high solids and the lowest VOC’s (2.8), select FDGU. For extended flow and ultimate gloss, select FDSH for the 3.5 VOC version and FDSU for 2.8 VOC’s. If you want it so chemical resistant that it’s almost bullet proof, select FDXH.

Finally, Delfleet Essential is a medium solids (single stage only) topcoat that comes in all the same colors as regular Delfleet but at a reduced cost.

*VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound, and is a measure of the relative pollutant quality of a paint or coating. Lower is better, but can be more difficult to spray.