Welcome to the Aircraft Refinishing home page for Ben’s Paint Supply. The market we serve is for small to midsize aircraft repair and refinishing. Although some automotive coatings can be used, we recommend PPG’s Delfleet and Delfleet Essential as our premier coatings for performance and color selection. Delfleet is available in 6 single stage qualities, from a medium solids coating (FDG) to a highly chemical resistant finish (FDXH) that resists attack from aircraft hydraulic fluids.  Click here to visit PPG’s Commercial Coatings page for Delfleet products.  Find out which one is best for you!

Usually aircraft are painted with single stage polyurethane paint, but some repair work is being done in basecoat/clearcoat for its ease of blendability, therefore enhancing color match. If that is done, it is best to use a catalyzed basecoat. Use FBC for spot repairs and FBCH for larger jobs.

Complete refinishing usually requires that the plane be stripped to the metal. We do not market a stripper for aircraft aluminum, but suggest you check out the “green” formula from Wogers Development, Inc. See below.

Once stripped however, we do carry the products that you need for metal conditioning and priming. Our epoxy primers are non-sanding if topcoated within the recommended time period.

We also carry a full complement of cleaners, abrasives from 3M and masking materials. Spray equipment? Got that too. So whether you fly or paint, give us a call today. Just let us know what you want to do and we’ll get you off the ground!

We also have access to Desothane, formerly DeSoto, now owned by PPG.

This product line includes primers and topcoat color specifically designed with the aircraft refinisher in mind.

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PPG Aerospace/PRC-DeSoto (now called Desothane)