Part of our success (and indirectly yours) vitally depends on the support of quality manufacturer’s representatives.  With hundreds of lines to choose from, sometimes we need help keeping things straight and we will support the effort of companies that partner and support us.

PPG and 3M have always been there on top of things and provide us quick, knowledgeable information.  They are always willing to go into shops when needed.  In addition, we are supported by reps from other companies and also independent manufacturer’s reps who each sponsor several lines.  Check them out below.

PPG Industries

We tend to think of PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) as a very large worldwide paint company.  And although the coatings division is an increasingly large percentage of their business, they are diversified into many other areas as well.  Click on this corporate video to get an overview of the company as a whole.   It may surprise you.  PPG has over 140 manufacturing facilities around the world and does business in over 60 countries.

PPG was founded in 1883 and is one of only two 100 year old + companies in the U.S. to have never failed to pay a stock dividend.  Coca-Cola is the other one.  In 1928 PPG approached Fred Ditzler to purchase his automotive paint business.  The rest is history.

The local representation we get from PPG is second to none.  Our reps are out there every day helping our sales team and making shop calls.  At the corporate service level, we are also supported in such areas as the color library, computer support, advertising, paint system and MVP training, and the tech support line.  They are definitely the complete package.


Matt Boyd

3M Company

3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) is a worldwide corporation with several hundred divisions. You can see their products in every walk of life and will find them in one form or another in almost every household in the U.S. and many around the world.  They are amongst the very best when it comes to innovative products and business solutions.

At Ben’s we market both their Automotive and Marine divisions.  We appreciate the support they give us and the hands-on “in the shop” representation that they offer.  If we have a question, problem or issue, we can always reach the local rep very quickly and that helps us maintain a high level of customer service.



Scott Dunham

Chris Russel

National Oak Distributors

National Oak Distributors is the nation’s largest chain of warehouse distributors.  Representing over 200 manufacturers, they are a principle supplier of PBE and other products.  Although primarily offering service to jobbers, their reps will also make shop calls with our salespeople.  Their telephone support and attention to detail is top notch and in part it shows in our ability to provide customers with a high level of customer-specific service.  Their web support and ordering system allows us to see what they have in stock at a glance so that we can give our customers accurate answers for lead time on special orders.  They are the largest for a reason – they work very hard at it.


Fred Andress

Erik Andress