“I can fix that!”…the famous line from the movie Doc Hollywood as the mechanic looked at a vehicle that was wasted.

The thing is – you probably can. It’s just a matter of time, money and love, all of which are needed in plentiful supply.

Why? Why should you climb that mountain? The only answer – because it is there. You can gain a great deal of satisfaction from taking an old rust bucket and making it run like a top and look like it’s still 1957. But it will take bunches of time (months to years), not just working on it, but researching available parts and companies that can re-chrome or even manufacture a part for you that no longer exists. As a business it can be profitable, but the customer must understand the time it will take and money is usually required at periodic intervals up front during the process.

Ben’s can provide you with original colors in most cases, and not just in one kind of paint. If no information is available, bring us a car part and let’s see what we can do with the PPG Prophet color match computer, or execute a match by eye if needed. Basecoat/clearcoat systems are becoming more and more popular in restoration use as the clear protects all your hard work. However, if you are competing, some car shows require original single stage systems. We have both! Just give us a call.

On final word to the wise – make sure that your significant other is on board with the project – you don’t need any confusion about who gets more love…