Course descriptions and links to schools and classes for the Aircraft Industry are shown below.  There may be online courses as well as physical classes to attend.  Delfleet is appropriate for use on aircraft and PPG has special courses for that line.  Even Automotive/Collision courses have some value as the processes are basically the same, once the plane has been stripped and the aircraft aluminum has been treated.  Desothane is designed specifically for aviation but has limited course availability.

PPG also offers a course in spray equipment usage, from conventional to pressure pots to airless to electrostatic.  This too has limited availability and is often only held upon demand.  We will post these whenever they are offered and if you would like to see about getting one scheduled in your area, contact Bob at

Just a note about PPG course registration.  Whether you apply online or download a form, the process cannot be completed without a purchase order from your nearest Ben’s location.  Give the manager there a call and he/she will be happy to accomodate you.  If applying for a school out of driving distance, do not finalize flight or other travel plans until the school has been confirmed.  It is possible that a scheduled class can be canceled if the minimum enrollment level has not been achieved in time.

Course Descriptions


Delfleet Certification (2 days)

Delfleet Spot Repair and Color Tinting (2 days)

Delfeet Color Tinting (1 day)

Desothane (2days)

Commercial Equipment Application (2 days)

- this course designed for distributors, but customers may attend by special invitation.

Contact Bob at

Classroom Courses Available

Delfleet Certification

None scheduled locally through December.  Check online to see the courses nearest you.

Delfleet Spot Repair and Color Tinting

None scheduled locally through December.  Check online to see the courses nearest you.

Delfleet Color Tinting

None scheduled currently.


None scheduled through December.

Commercial Equipment Application