Welcome to the Ben’s Job Board, where shops looking for technicians or techs looking for work can post their needs.  Ben’s offers this space strictly as an arbitrary service to customers, and makes no claims or judgments about the relative quality of a shop’s work or its volume of sales, nor the quality or volume of work that an individual tech is capable of producing.  Any statements made within a given listing are purely the comments of the shop or individual posting it.

At the present time we are only considering ads that affect shops and techs within or near the outskirts of the counties we serve in Florida.  Go to our Locations page to see what counties those are.  To post an ad, please e-mail it to Charlie Parker at cparker@bensps.com along with contact information.  Postings will be displayed for 90 days, unless you contact us to pull it sooner.  Thank-you, and we hope this will help you find what you are looking for.

Shops Needing Techs

Please send shop name, address, phone number and contact person.  Also add text of your own desires or specifications for the type of employee you are looking for.  Here are some suggestions for information that you may want to include when writing your ad: Shop history, Pay scale (if desired), Benefits, Business hours, Certifications required or anything that you feel will attract what you want.  If you have hired someone to fill the position, remember to have this ad canceled or you could continue to gets calls about a position that has already been filled.

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Techs Needing Work

Please list your name and phone number.  Write something about yourself, the types of work you can do, how long you have been at it, the types of shops you have been in, if you are available now, etc.  Be creative.  If you have attended any PPG or other certification schools, list those also.  Good luck!

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