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Drying paint in less than a minute?

Excuse me, not just drying but curing, and it’s happening in Europe.  Even with the advanced chemistry of paint like PPG’s DC2000 Ultra High Velocity Clear, nobody out there has something that will dry, let alone cure, in less than 60 seconds.  Well, the Europeans don’t either – at least chemically - but they do have drying equipment that can make that happen.  We all enjoyed Robo Cop years ago  - enter Robo Dry (except without the emotional issues).  We are also begining to see the possible return of the thermal disc, a device from the 70′s and 80′s that cured the paint but didn’t heat the metal.  It used to be on a stand, but now it’s available in a handheld version too.

What’s the rush?  Why that kind of speed?  What if you could move cars through a booth so fast that now you need only one booth instead of two?  Now you have more floor space.  And your energy bill actually goes down, not up!  We don’t know when we will see Robo Dry arrive on our shores, but he’s out there lurking.  We’ll let you know if his ship comes in.