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3M heroes promotion

You can help 3M help our veterans by encouraging customers to take part in this year’s promotion.  Customers donate $200 to the 3M Collision Repair Education Foundation’s Hire our Heroes program and they will receive a special 2016 calendar.  Each month has free goods available (with purchase of other items) and if a shop took advantage of all of them, it would total about $1800 in free goods! …

Sales/Manager Meetings Announced

Below is a schedule of the sales/manager meetings for the first half of the 2016 calendar.  Note that not all are on Friday and not all will be in Daytona.  Meetings start at 9AM unless otherwise announced.

Thursday, Jan. 28
Wednesday, Feb.…


Well, we might not always be on time with everything, but at least we have our values in line!  The official date for the next Ben’s Dinner and Award Party is Jan. 23, 2016.  It will be held at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Orlando. …

2015 PPG Vibrance Show Truck Schedule

PPG’s Vibrance Show Truck travels the country to prominent car shows every year.  It’s an impressive vehicle if you get a chance to see it.  Click here for the 2015 show schedule.

PPG show truck

Graco hits a Wall with the FTC

Heard of Binks, DeVilbiss and Ransburg?   All top names in spray equipment and they were recently sold to another top name – Graco.   ITW, owner of the three (and a few others) and once a major competitor, struck a 650 million dollar deal last year to sell off those profitable companies to Graco, which in turn raised FTC eyebrows and utterance of the “m” word….so much so that Graco has now been asked to sell off much of that which they just bought! …

Furor over State Farm and Parts Trader Program

We’re a coatings business and not in a position to judge a parts supply program for collision centers, but whatever the reality might be, there’s no question there is a lot of smoke around State Farm’s Parts Trader program and many shops fear the fire is there too. …

We have a winner! PPG 2012 calendar entry


Only 12 get chosen….for the 2012 PPG calendar that is.  Out of all the contest entries in the U.S., one Ben’s customer made it to the top.  Joe Terman of B & D Customs in Edgewater, FL painted this 1968 Camaro hard top, owned by Andy Davis of Fort Lauderdale, FL. …

Japan Tragedy Affects Auto Industry – Parts AND Paint

The auto industry will be reeling awhile worldwide.  As everyone knows, Japan is a major player in parts supplies and other industries, but few realize that the disaster has also affected a principle manufacturer for a popular paint pigment:

“Merck KGaA has lost production of a metallic automotive paint pigment called Xirallic because its factory is 28 miles from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant that was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami”. …